What If a Ten Millions more are killed in such senseless brute violence?
What if even the Top Leaders and their families are seen crying on Roads like
the picture you shared below Mr. ‘Adsm’ !

The Fact and the Truth is that WE ARE NOT A CIVILIZED GLOBAL SOCIETY BUT A SOCIETY OF BILLIONS OF ‘ IDIOT DUMBS ‘ who are being tamely herded by just a handful of VERY INSANE, DESPOT LEADERS !

Ashok Sharma

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

A former US Treasury official says the political system ruling the United States is not accountable to the country’s people or its constitution, Press TV reports.

“The situation here is deplorable and there is no accountability to the people by the government…,” former assistant secretary of the US Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

He explained that the US political system has taken advantage of presidential declarations to achieve “independence of accountability to law, of accountability to the constitution and of accountability to the people.”

Roberts denounced the choice of “worse and worse” American people are faced with in presidential elections, hurling harsh criticism at both Democrats and their rivals in the Republican camp.

“It is almost…

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