The only potent method to resolve this very hard dilemma is to moderate
The heat, coming from US Administration’s Strong and Arrogant appearing words that are making the Chambers very HOT for this, if not controlled may even Engulf many states and become a WW !

So Sad that our Leaders do not see this to present suddenly . In our view; Only Potent Method to resolve the problem is to :—

A. Stop adding fuel to the fire,And ….
B. Slowly bring to a halt the race to Supply weapons on whatever pretext. And….then :–
C: Quickly Convene effective meetings of the states including IRAN RUSSIA FRANCE US CHINA Korea’s, USA and the Key Leaders of NATO command,—-and:- others like Bhutan Ind Np who be with Peace : AND ….

D: Ban weapon sales OR Even Free Supply of Arms to even Allies. For No One knows When am Ally may become a Potential Foe:! AND…….

E:–Bring a UN Resolution to Stop Arms production til The Threat of War curse is lifted from the earth.:—–AND …….

F:—-Keeping up and Evolve a Mechanism that Automatically and perpetually keeps the U.N.O Keyed Up to push this cause,…. AND…….

F Devise a System to Alert the people of all countries about the dangers of a war, which may become a Nuclear War Suddenly once Started, –AND ….

F:——Develop a System of Automated UN Campaigns like War on Hunger and Malnutrition, Human Rights, Rights to Education…Child Rights, Governance, Transparency, Health-HIV-Aids etc etc…etc…..In duty bound manner as we should have done First of all have done Before allowing crisis to precipitate to such serious levels ! AND-G:-Enlist full support of all member states in this campaign,

Such a Cry shall be resistless and shall win E’en in the country where voices are Suppressed like erstwhile Burma and N.Korea and would begin an Era of New Phase of Discussions to evolve A formula for coexistence in
A climate of peace, friendship, love and trust, and Drawing Up mutual Agreements by and between All States With fullest safeguards set for either side, where each would be bound to observe forever the solemn pact,
And Such Pacts that Honor and respect those who become the Signing Parties of such a Holy Covenant. In our view this be only a true and a dignified way out, and only a sure and an honorable process , which with Pure Efforts and with the Grace of God would Grant Global Civil Society a further lease of Life !

Sincere Regards,

Ashok Sharma
Founder Member/Pres.
World Peace& Nuclear Disarmament
New Delhi: India: