n fact—When imperially investigated; it would be merge clear beyond ny lest Doubt tht in true sense, – Our world been run by just a handful of ” Smart Scoundrels ” who like blood sucking Leaches been feasting thier Clans by sucking the Blood of Millions upon Millions of innocent unsuspecting citizens of every nation who unfortunately installed Evil Monstrous Plundering Governments to the seats of Power and Authority whereas most ALL Governments truly Served as minions, implanted Agents of their Owners, Masters very those handful of just few that Hidden Evil Bunch of ‘ Smart Scoundrels who been controlling most all Earth Nations through Deceptive-deceit’ from behind a veil. Just a few nations on Earth who refused to become a puppet were declared ‘outcast denounced by the exclusive few in their League.– . Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam in last century been on their Hit List to be tamed or declared infamous in their times while more recently China Russia, Libya Iraq Iran Syria are recent examples getting the measured kick or being subjected to some economic pressures by wy of all well conceived moves and strategically pushed moves of few Hidden Power-Elites behind the curtain while the world gets to see only some other plyers rolling the bll of events on the region playgrounds. . .

Ashok Sharma
Nw Del,i- India
10 Mar,2015- 5:37 am

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

People are finding the courage to say NO to the control and corruption that they have been victims of for 2000 years. To implement their plans for a New World Order, they first had to destroy IRELAND. Until you look at this, you cannot move forward. You need to see WHO and WHY. The Irish are seeing this control for the first time and THEY ARE ANGRY. They are marching to show their strength. They are saying NO. Now, they are beginning to see why they have been used and abused by those who wish to take over your world.

Yes, it is hard to believe that so much could have been done to dumb down the human race without you ever suspecting. It was a clever plot. It needed to be concealed from you. Religion played a huge part in this. The take over was planned at the Council…

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