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Dear Heads of States: Presidents, Speakers of the Houses, Prime ministers, Leaders of Political Parties, Parliamentarians, Senators, Legislators and Friends :

Message below is a copy of our Peace Appeal Campaign letter sent to the most of our world leaders and Heads of States many times during past 15 years since 1989. /Once gin tody, I am taking the Liberty to share toncemore with all our new and old contacts and friends with my Humble request for your Active Support in all possible ways and as well, to make this Peace Campaign your own mission to partly repay our debt back to Universe, Nature and our Planet Earth and route it again to political heads of states to reaffirm our Collective resolve and insistence for the cause of Peace and Nuclear Disarmament. I feel sure that our Collective Calls for Peace on Earth shall be Heard by the Powers-that-Be on earth this time around in getting a Global Peace Declaration Announced and made mandatory for all Nation States. Sincere Regards ~Ashok Sharma:WPND-INDIA

Dear Friends :

It is not surprising that human race is facing today a threat to his whole community and the world today presents a spectacle that is not at all reassuring for the race. The menace of increasing fanaticism, increasing terrorism and Nuclear War is our own creation born out of our own wit and intelligence and more for your continued inactions to control this disease .Do you think that the preparations made for the war have no hand of the powers that be (You !) and Nuclear Weapons forged by us have not your concurrence and active help?

The “Wrath of Heavens” is soon to descend on many parts of this globe to either kill and maim tens of millions before the insurgent man is back on the correct Path and so weapons, piled up fast, shall provide a scourge devised by mediocre human wit of sleepy world leaders to whip the humanity to sanity with awful pain, out of the drunken state of slumber and arrogance.

The plea that the progress made in technology confers on some of the nations, who took pains to prepare these infernal engines of mass destruction, the right to use atomic weapons is as untenable as a logic that one who invents a new machine gun can employ it lawfully on the roadside crossing to win more honor from neighbors or large predominant position with a greater right to grab…because he is more powerful, richer, advanced and has new weapon in hand. Or if an American, Russian or a German , French or a Ukrainian discovered a new way of dalliance with a woman he should be allowed to show his skill in a public park before the eager eyes of hungry crowds.
The truth is that a vile, infernal stuff prepared in secrecy by clever brains in your society, wrongly using their intellects to be used by their nation without regard to principles of justice, truths and fair play, law of ethics, human rights, Divine Commandments and rules of war and being employed for its revenge on innocent. The infernal monster, assuming now awful form is about to pounce on guilty intellect and hovers close to every spot on the earth. A dragon reared up by man with his wit to inflict due punishment for guilty acts of his own to learn a lesson which one would recall with awe for centuries.

The wonder is how the world is dead to so gross denial of the rights of other nations, threatened by the blasts, though not a party to the deadly feud, who run the risk of radiation, death, pollution, famine, dearth, disruption, loss and even direct hits with missiles when the war is at its height, and palsied hands inert with horror at the ghastly sights misaim the monster to un-chosen sites. Who will then pay the damage done as none out of the parties could survive clash or be in a position to make good the loss inflicted on a neutral land which is inevitable in a war with Nuclear engines of the latest types.

This raises issues- how on moral ground and how, while advocating human rights, a nation can deploy a weapon so uncertain and unmanageable that it can cause grievous harms to distant soil and wreck and ruin them beyond repair and can damage and disrupt lands in no respect connected with the native elements essential for existence and survival of their life? How can we justify a weapon that is as lethal to non-combatants as to the belligerents? Where is the law or even convention that permits a state, wittingly or otherwise, to blast a neutral land with irreparable losses of life and property to its innocent civilians?

It is beyond the slightest shade of doubt that judged by standards even of war, the use of Nuclear Weapons is a crime. No argument or logic can defend which is un-defendable till the end and it is just a waste of energy and time to whitewash what is just a heinous crime. How odd that this sin is made a subject of debate today by many nations when it could meet only contempt and condemnation from law abiding ninety percent of the race.

The Nuclear Nations know it too well that their lives will be in gravest danger when atomic weapons are employed. Because no one can predict whose aim will be more true, or favored more by chance to hit the most strategic sites on other side. One exchange of powerful lethal nuclear missiles hitting at right targets can cause upheavals and may force one in power to quit or end the war. Those who are counting on their nuclear arm for their ascendancy, survival or overpowering of the foe live in the land of dreams and will be first to reap the fruit of their revolt against the law by paying forfeit with their robes and gowns, for such a murderous frenzy will soon grip the crowds that they will stop at nothing and may rise in rebellion against the fewin power who will be out-and-out at once for war to end.

Dear friend, how does the conscience of leading ranks of advanced lands remain un-pricked, when they know that their own compatriots live with a dread sword hanging over their heads. The pregnant mothers, crowing babies and toiling hardworking simple honest folks who are contended and delighted to be moving and alive, will be all instantly hurled into hell for no fault on their part, no sin, no wrong, no action done to merit such an end save that of cheering loud the ruling teams whenever they chanced to pass their way or when they saw their leaders in a gala function held to listen the words that they had to say, without least knowledge of their hid designs or actions or what they intend to do. A state of trust unparallels on earth but returned often from other side alone and sometime repaid with treachery by those adorned.

If all the world upholds this kind of war and mass murders from a distance of the folks of hostile lands, in millions at times, unarmed, defenseless women, children, men…it does not mean that it is not a heinous crime…and if all the world upholds a way of life which contravenes Gospels of faith and acts conversely to precepts taught or revels in defying all rules that does not mean that the adherents of the creed are right in their behavior, in the least or true to their profession or belief… If all the world upholds ideals which confer equality on one and all with liberty and brotherhood and then to enforce these high ideals put to sword and concentration camps with grinding labor with frostbitten hands millions of victims in dark secrecy!

This is what ails a clever mind today unable to perceive the ugly darker side of its behavior or its thoughts or acts to ignore the errors and as if one pets its sweetheart, hugs its faults, justifies mistakes, waives off sins…to keep merry all the times, shows erosion of moral side. One has made a white lie, a passable norm, a practice which is condemned by every faith is today honey to the sophisticated mind!

The outcome is that of the leading brains the bulk delights in what it thinks or does and often views an action, even if wrong, in the light of its broader interest or of the high position which it holds, judging not by the criteria laid nor by any standards fixed for what is right but only its interests and objectives, aims or the nature of the expediency.

Since moral values are essential for survival of human race in atomic age, we think that it will be a virtual suicide to break the wall that stands between us and sure death. Actions done by the leading politicians of the world today and also by the policy makers and their advisers, unless restrained by strict adherence to moral laws would jeopardize the human race. The present crisis is a warning sign and we appeal to you and seek your active help in providing us your support if you endorse the views expressed in this letter. You are in excellent position today whatever you do and you can use your position, your personal image and dignity in making leaders of the world change their ways.

A Full blown Nuclear War is suicide and a mad itch for self-immolation done. Sanity can never become so mad to walk into jaws of death at choice… A half way nuclear war is out of count for once the Demon of Hate is out at large and exchange of Nuclear Missiles starts with capitals as first target hits, who shall retain the sanity and halt the exploding bombs. As there would be many states in give and take exchange of death engines, with wounded, dying or dead everywhere, the country in shambles, transportation and communication wrecked, leaders out of their wits with thousand problems in their minds, people in grip of mortal fear, running in panic, dead to everything, a wild stampede more than the frantic rush in which weaker would be crushed to death. Who, dear friend, who will maintain his balance, keep wits in this macabre and mind hinging scenesunfolding with the speed of lightening beyond the power of man to handle now?

Those who complacently talk of Nuclear threat, that can make our earth a fuming hell in space, while lolling in their chairs, with pen in hand, smoking as if they are the lords of this earth and looking calm and undisturbed and while they speak on unspeakable course of war treating atomic fights as a routine matter, however accomplished and holding to whatever position of power on this earth are hopeless prey to the abnormal state of intellect…which barren of compassion will fall victim to awful blasts, like a color blind…have no sense of the pain involved.

With Blessings for Peace, Love, Light, Unity & Solidarity

Yours Sincerely,

Ashok Sharma
Founder Memer &Pres(Hon since 1989)
World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament
WPND-India- India:

Feb 4, 2015 : New Delhi, India

Dear friend, nature has provided you an opportunity to live in a predominant country, with best of goods and wares available, a sort of paradise on earth and a most powerful nation, richest in technology and other marvels. And it is, you on whom the responsibility devolves in such critical times to avert the nuclear holocaust and as such, We request you to kindly ask all other friends to support our peace programs and support us not only financially but also by making this Movement for Peace as Most Important of all matters and Please feel free to make following few points as a part of your our own campaigns to ask and insist our Leaders to Declare Peace and Global Nuclear Disarmament as the First Priority as it and only remains our pressing and critical need today for all Nations . Mop up Support from one and all as Peace Movements are in critically need of Basic start-up funds and also in other ways so that we can gather millions upon millions of volunteers in all lands to make a global chain of peace lovers who would put pressure and run effective activities that will help humanity a further lease of life. Leaders should now bend a little low to listen our phobic lot!

The only potent and honorable way out to resolve this crisis and a hard dilemma, in our views is to :-

(1). Moderate the heat and stop adding fuel to fire and slowly and surely bring a halt to weapon race in all parts of the world.
(2) Convene effective meetings of the heads of states quite often to find out the modalities to achieve stable peace and effectively resolve the issues that have defied solution during last five decades since WW II.
(3) Ban weapon sale to needy lands, for this you arm your own potential foes and also do not supply arms even for free to your allies.
(4) Reduce production of all weapons of destruction including Nuclear Weapons.
(5) Key-up and Tone-up UNO
(6) Provide basic funds to smaller, struggling world-peace groups, like ours to be able to function globally in order to alert people in all lands about the danger of Nuclear Weapons. Our group needs critical basic funds to start a global chain of peace volunteers and affiliate with people who love peace and who can join in millions upon millions to provide you support to pushthe cause
7) Find a formula for peaceful co-existence, peace, friendship, love and trust.

This is the only sure and dignified way out and honorable course which with pure efforts and Grace of God can grant humanity a further lease of life to win further its glorious stages for which mankind is destined! This letter is inspired from thoughts of my Master, Gopi Krishna, who lived each moment of his life for Peace and this is what he had to say once…

” Do not forget when in fear of looming war,
The Hope is never away from human hearts
And blank despair is never the only course…
For those beleaguered by an adverse Fate.
As Grace of God is always near hand
To fill the darkest day with bright sunshine.”

Edited from “” The Present Crisis –
: 1981 By Gopi Krishna

A Sincere Submission !
Ashok Sharma

Founder Memer &Pres(Hon since 1989)
World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament
WPND–India 1mailto:-wpnd1@hotmail.com
March 12: New Delhi, India